About Us


Created in 1984 the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Insurance Trust and now LWMMI since 2002 cover 400 Cities, Villages and Special Municipal Districts.


Governed by a Board of seven Directors – your peers – LWMMI coverages are specifically designed for League Members. As new needs develop, LWMMI modifies coverage or develops new programs to meet those needs; such as cyber liability, coverage for drones, HIPPA and no-fault sewer backup coverage.


LWMMI is financially secure. To ensure that LWMMI is able to meet its responsibility to pay claims, LWMMI’s Directors and staff work to ensure the organization is strong and financially stable. A conservative approach to rates and reserves, a solid reinsurance program with some of the strongest municipal reinsurers in the country and regular independent actuarial reviews all help ensure that LWMMI will remain sound. In fact, by conventional insurance industry measures, LWMMI is stronger financially than many commercial insurance companies.


Similar to Municipalities, LWMMI is efficient in the delivery of services with operational expenses at half of the commercial insurance industry. This leaves flexibility to add additional coverages or keep premiums low.

Protection for League Members and the communities they call home
That is our business and we do it well